I have quite a few scientific interests, and this website looks into them in some detail.

The field I specialize in is space-time analysis; in particular, my expertise is in predictive stochastic methodologies for spatiotemporal processes.

In this field, I work on research and development of applications, mapping, and solutions for natural processes that evolve in space and time.

My work contributes to the necessary foundation and tools to understand, explain, and predict a variety of such processes. The findings of my research apply to a broad spectrum of scientific areas, such as environmental research, health and life sciences, energy research, atmospheric modeling, risk analysis and assessment, geographic information systems (GIS), finance.

My background is in Physics, and I expanded my theoretical grounds with further studies in the areas of Environmental Physics, Meteorology, and Environmental Sciences. Most of my research work has been in the front lines of basic research in both the Academia and the industry.

In academic environments, I have had research appointments with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the San Diego State University in San Diego, California, and the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas in Crete, Greece.

In the industry, I have been the spatial analysis expert and software developer for the SAS Institute, Inc.

I currently run a small business for space-time research, analysis, and visualization, called SpaceTimeWorks, LLC.

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